Welcome to Level Up Host!

Providing Free Web-Hosting with No Ads and No Forum Posting for over Seven Years

I've always hated to see good sites on Ad-Ridden Hosts, especially with Pop-Ups.
I thought for a decent price on my end, I could give reliable, good quality free web-hosting to people.
That is when Level Up Host was created.

If you are interested in web-hosting, please visit the sign-up page.


Level Up Host was created on August 27th, 2007. But over a year before that I started Nintendo Host. I'm a Nintendo Fan, and I was sick and tired of seeing Nintendo Fan Sites ridden with tons of ads. I wanted to give these sites an ad-free home. So I started Nintendo Host and I have been happily providing free hosting to Nintendo Fan Sites ever since.

About a year after that I wanted to host other sites for free, not just Nintendo Fan Sites, and I couldn't branch out with "Nintendo Host". So I created Level Up Host, to provide a Level Up in Free Web Hosting. I've since merged the two into one, and Nintendo Host is just a memory, as Level Up Host lives on.

So if you are wondering if this site will just disappear in the middle of the night, know this, Level Up Host has been going for over seven years, and I don't plan on leaving soon. If I ever do leave, I would of course give notice to those I host.

So check out the plan features, and if your interested, request some hosting. :)

I do ask that you place a simple text link on your sites main page. It can be at the bottom, something like "Hosted by Level Up Host" with a link here. This is not required though, it's just asked.